Porter Man Texts Cops To Set Up Drug Deal; Mom (aka "Butterbean") Talks Self Into Felony Bust

Texting dong shots is not the only way to get in trouble with your cellphone. Just ask Porter mother and son Travis Edwin Huffman and Kimberly "Butterbean" Meadows.

Police in Montgomery County say Huffman, 25, was trying to set up a hydrocodone deal with one of his customers but misdialed and instead sent the message to a deputy with the county constables. That cop evidently took his cellphone to the drug cops, who played along long enough to complete the deal.

Huffman met his "customers" yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of the Porter Wal-Mart, where he was promptly arrested by undercover cops.

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Meanwhile, more cops headed to the home Huffman shared with his disabled 43-year-old mother Butterbean Meadows.

Once there, Butterbean was found to be in possession of some weed. After she was taken into custody for that misdemeanor, she got chatty with the cops and told them that she had given her son the Vicodin to sell for their mutual benefit, a statement Huffman seconded.

That's not smart, but it is commendable.

To us, it looks like the old Everly Brothers tune, she was just trying to get her baby out of jail.

Sadly, Montgomery County cops are apparently immune to such kamikaze acts of parental chivalry. Instead of letting Huffman off the hook, they slapped Butterbean with the same state jail felony delivery of a controlled substance her son was already facing.

Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden told KTRK that this was the first time he'd ever busted a drug dealer who contacted police about a deal. "What Mr. Huffman did today was kind of a self-service felony arrest," he said. Hayden also expressed amazement at Butterbean's conduct.

"We arrested Ms. Meadows on a misdemeanor marijuana charge and she talked her way into a felony charge," he said.

Harris County records show two convictions for a 43-year-old KImberly Meadows -- one for welfare fraud and another for obtaining drugs by fraud.

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