Weather Week: A Couple Days in the Houston Deep Freeze

It's a bit early for Christmas or the Snow Miser, but the chilly weather certainly has arrived.
It's a bit early for Christmas or the Snow Miser, but the chilly weather certainly has arrived. YouTube Screengrab
It wasn't the most beautiful weekend in Houston. With highs only in the 50s and mostly cloudy skies (along with some rain Sunday), it was a pretty gloomy few days overall. The good news this week is that the sun will shine. But don't expect temperatures to moderate. In fact, they are going to be colder for a couple days.

On Monday, the combination of an approaching cold front — a legit norther — and an offshore low pressure system moving north in the Gulf through the area, mean it is going to be quite rainy around town. Widespread showers and thunderstorms will hang around all day until the front finally moves through Monday evening and clears out the clouds.

Tuesday will be the coldest day in Houston since last winter with highs reaching only into the 40s. Tuesday night, areas north and west of town should be below freezing. We may even see a few freezing temps inside the city limits, particularly north of I-10. But, it won't be a hard freeze and highs will rebound back into the low 50s on Wednesday. But, don't be surprised if, with another night of clear skies, we get down around freezing again overnight on Wednesday.

There will be plenty of sunshine throughout the week as it slowly warms up. But, lows will remain in the 40s with highs in the 60s through the end of the work week. The weather should be damn near perfect once we get through the chilly early week temperatures.

Quickly looking ahead to Thanksgiving, we are still a long ways off in terms of forecasting, but so far, it's looking like temperatures around 70 with a slight chance of rain, pretty normal for this time of year in Houston. As we get closer, we'll start looking more at how the weather will be for the parade and, of course, Black Friday.
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