It was a hell of a glorious Easter weekend.
It was a hell of a glorious Easter weekend.
Photo by Roy Luck via Flickr

Weather Week: Possible Storms Mid Week

We just had one of the loveliest weekends this year with the kind of weather Houston gets maybe a handful of times each year. Dry air and temperatures only reaching around 80 degrees, it was positively stunning outside, perfect for Easter egg hunts.

Unfortunately, it is possible that was our last cool-ish weather until autumn. This week begins a warming trend that is normal for this time of year and will continue until August when we will all pine for mild days and pleasant nights.

Monday continues the southerly flow with mostly cloudy skies and muggy conditions. Highs will near 80 and lows will be in the upper 60s. The cloud cover will help keep temperatures down a bit, but it will feel pretty sticky.

Expect similar conditions on Tuesday but with a slightly better chance of a shower or thunderstorm ahead of a disturbance that will move through but is unlikely to provide much in the way of cooler temperatures when it arrives overnight on Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, rain chances increase, particularly in the evening hours and overnight. Current forecasts are calling for between an inch and an inch-and-a-half of rain overnight into Thursday. It looks like, at the moment, the worst of the weather will stay north of us, but we'll need to keep an eye on it.

Looking forward, it looks like a warm but nice weekend ahead. We'll discuss that on Thursday.

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