Possibly Drunk James Harden Pledges "Adidas Is Gonna Be Amazing!" (w/ VIDEO)

Rockets superstar guard James Harden is one of the more underrated funny spokespeople in sports. The combination of his distinctive trademark beard, his subtle sense of humor, and his ability as one of the five best basketball players on the planet have made for a very lucrative combination for him on the endorsement front, with all of that culminating in a $200 million contract with Adidas for footwear and apparel, signed earlier this summer.

Harden's understated acting ability has given us some of the more humorous commercials on television over the last year or so, many of them for the sports apparel chain Foot Locker. Here is a short box set of those spots...

Pretty good stuff, right? Well, we all know about the Adidas contract, as I mentioned. We also know that Harden has spent most of his summer wooing one of the daughters of reality television's first family, Khloe Kardashian. That courtship has led to some very funny, TMZ-friendly moments that have been captured on the internet. The latest took place earlier this week, outside of the 1 OAK club in Los Angeles, where Harden was getting his drink on with a bunch of friends.

A TMZ reporter caught up to Harden outside the club to ask him about a recent photo that caught him wearing Nike shoes despite inking a deal with Adidas. (Full disclosure: Harden's Adidas deal officially begins October 1.) Here is what Harden had to say….

A few things here:

1. Harden slamming into the wrong limo before walking over to his was one of the funnier moments you'll see in a viral video. Also, if Tracy McGrady did that, it would've knocked him out for the first two months of the season. 

2. Harden has a fantastic drunk voice. He needs to do more interviews in his drunk voice next season.

3. This back of the limo video might inadvertently be the greatest Adidas commercial of all time. I am completely convinced that Adidas is gonna be amazing because drunk James Harden is selling me on it. In fact, I am going out to buy a pair of Adidas as soon as I finish typing this post, and Harden's line of shoes isn't even out yet! 

4. All kidding aside, can we please get Harden back to Houston? I'm bracing myself for the inevitable fallout from the Kardashian Curse the same way the West Coast braces for a tsunami after an earthquake. 


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