Pot Battles Cancer On Yet Another Front

Puff, puff, cure colorectal cancer, pass….This might one day be the chant of doctors everywhere, depending on the accuracy of a recent study at M.D. Anderson.

Researchers there have announced that a “cannabinoid receptor” in cells might be a key tumor-fighting tool in patients with colorectal cancer.

In a press release, MD Anderson’s executive vice president Raymond Dubois stated: “Potential application of cannabinoids as anti-tumor drugs is an exciting prospect, because cannabinoid agonists are being evaluated now to treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.”

Roughly translated, this means that preclinical tests show that sparking a bowl seems to spark the tumor-fighting capabilities of a certain cellular receptor – and it’s a lot more fun than chemo.

For those not in the know, the press release states that “external cannabinoids include manmade versions and those present in plants, most famously the active ingredient in marijuana (THC).” (We like that term, “most famously”).

Although it’s not mentioned in the press release, this latest breakthrough appears to advance decades’ worth of research from such giants in the field as Drs. Spicoli, Dogg, Cheech, Slater, and Chong.

-- Craig Malisow

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