Pot Farm On Main Street: Because Commuting To The Woods Is A Hassle

Location is key for a growing business. Of course, when you're business involves growing weed, you tend to sacrifice convenience for privacy.

Not so for four La Marque entrepreneurs. Their large-ish indoor pot farm -- 240 plants strong -- was located right at Main Street and 5th Avenue.

Now, Main & 5th in La Marque is not exactly a bustling urban landscape, but it's not out in the woods either. The operation, in a pair of metal-shed buildings ostensibly housing a cabinet-making business, was right on Main, just two blocks from the intersection with busy State Highway 3.

Wouldn't a robust pot farm be at least a little noticeable, smell-wise?

The Galveston County Daily News reports the operators took steps to insure it wasn't.

The pungent aroma of marijuana was evident only upon entering the metal building.

The building had an extra ridge vent to help push the marijuana smell through the roof, sheriff's office Lt. Tommy Hansen said.

"It's all insulated," [sherrif's Captain Barry]Cook said. "Foam board on the walls, silver insulating materials on the ceiling, and ultraviolet lights to help these plants."

The four men face various degrees of weed charges; one also had some meth on him.

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