Sandra Bland has a street named after her.
Sandra Bland has a street named after her.
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Prairie View Passes Proposal for Sandra Bland Memorial Parkway

The road where Sandra Bland was arrested will now bear her name. 

Last night, the Prairie View city council passed a proposal to rename the road leading to Prairie View A&M University after Bland. That's the same road where she was stopped for allegedly making an illegal lane change, removed from her car and arrested by state trooper Brian Encinia. Bland's body was found hanging in her cell at Waller County jail three days after the arrest. 

In the weeks following Bland's death, Waller County jailers were revealed to have known during the booking process that Bland had recently attempted suicide, and the jail was cited by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards for having substandard training in handling potentially suicidal inmates. The Texas Department of Safety placed Encinia on administrative duty and said he violated agency procedures during the traffic stop. Dash cam footage showed Encinia threatened Bland with a taser and forced her out of her car. 

"When they give these tickets in the future, they're going to have to write 'Sandra Bland Parkway,'" Hai Bui, one of the organizers of a Sandra Bland solidarity march to the steps of Prairie View city hall prior to the vote, told the Houston Chronicle yesterday. 

The naming of Sandra Bland Memorial Parkway comes 45 days after Bland's death. Meanwhile, multiple law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the circumstances of Bland's death and arrest, though it is not clear when that investigation will be completed. 

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