Prius Owners React To Our Story, And Some Aren't Happy

Hair Balls received its first it-happened-to-me-too story in reference to this week's cover story, "Wild Rides."

"I'm an engineer and pay a lot more attention to the mechanics of things than most people do. So I figured I'm just being overly sensitive," says Hilary Daniel. "Then my husband said, 'You know that car sometimes accelerates on its own?""

Daniel, who read the story in our sister paper in St. Louis, the Riverfront Times, experienced her "unintended acceleration" while driving another Toyota hybrid, the Highlander. She says her hybrid speeds up on its own about once a month.

"It wasn't like I drove off a cliff or anything," Daniel says. "But you do have to stomp on the brakes sometimes, because you get that little elevated heart rate and you're not quite sure."

Most reaction to the story, however, has taken a different tone. The motto over at priuschat.com is "Push our buttons." Actually, you better not. A few favorites:  

zcat3: "Clearly a very biased article - but what do you expect from a Houston newspaper?"

ggood: "FYI, this is typical of the drivel HP publishes. It's a pretentious hipster weekly distributed in bins and funded mostly by the "ahem" classified ads."

moner: Wow, the Houston Press really is on the witch hunt! Now they've added two slideshows [Note: here and here] deriding our apparent "smugness"... Who's paying these guys to write this crap?

jayman: Toyota should offer to buy Hummer from Government Motors Corp. That Hummer dealer would probably have a massive stroke.

bwilson4web: So I'm thinking we're looking at another, newly minted college kid looking to make a name for himself... The "Prius-envy" will always be around.

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