Project Runway’s Kenley Must Go!

Dude, WTF is Kenley still doing hanging her Betty Page wannabe ass around the Project Runway set?

Seriously, if this girl isn’t kicked to the curb manana when Runway airs the first part of its season finale, I’m going to protest by wearing a sackcloth and ashes to work Thursday morning. (I also have a feeling that if Kenley isn’t eliminated, fellow contestant and rival number one Korto might get a little violent with the sewing scissors, but that’s just a guess on my part.)

I must admit when I first started watching the most recent season of Project Runway, I was grooving on Kenley. As a lover of all things 1950esque, Kenley’s cute style and retro vibe had me in her corner.

Flashforward a couple of weeks, and I want to rip out whatever dumb ass thing she has tucked in her hair that week and smack her mouth with it whenever she opens it.

How dare she mouth off to Heidi Klum like that? How dare she roll her eyes like it’s middle school lunch all over again and she is queen of the Mean Girls? How dare she openly laugh at fellow contestant Daniel during a runway evaluation then whine when she realizes no one wants to be her friend or lend her any tulle for her latest craptastic outfit? Honestly, how dare she?

Seriously, am I the only one who believes the judges are keeping her around for the finale purely for added drama value? It couldn’t have been her fish tail evening dress or her “hip hop” outfit, which was actually a set of mom pants paired with a floral print top my dead great-grandmother might have worn (and she was blind).

Anyhoo, as we head into the last two episodes, all I can say is that if Kenley wins or even gets to show at Bryant Park, I will not only give up on Project Runway, I will give up on fashion in general. Yes, friends. I AM THAT SERIOUS.

-- Jennifer Mathieu

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Jennifer Mathieu
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