Promo Materials Emerge For I Love You Phillip Morris, Former Press Staffer Steve McVicker's Movie

In advance of its March 26 release date, there are now trailers and posters galore for I Love You Phillip Morris, the Jim Carrey/Ewan Macgregor film based on the Houston Press articles and ensuing book written by former staffer Steve McVicker.

You can see a mess of trailers here.

McVicker says this is his favorite, "for obvious reasons." (For those of you who didn't watch the others, this is the only one that has a graphic reading "BASED ON THE BOOK BY STEVE MCVICKER.")

The movie's tag line is "Live the dream. Do the time. Find the one." McVicker likes the American poster best. "I like it that they are in the county jumpsuits," he tells Hair Balls. "It gets to the point and tells you a lot."

He's less fond of the European poster. "It only shows Jim Carrey," he says. "That one doesn't tell you as much."
The Japanese and Russian posters also show both of the main characters. Hair Balls is fond of the Russian one, even if the beach milieu kinda throws me off.

Here are the posters, along with what the Jim Carrey fanatics think of them. And here are the articles that grew into the book that grew into the movie.

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