Prosecutor's Blog About Partying Gets Some Panties In Wad

Kids -- you can teach them how to be a lawyer, but you can't teach them not to blog about every freaking thing they do in their life, for crissake.

The Harris County courthouse has been all giggly over the former blog by a young prosecutor called "Life After Esq." (Note legal bloggers inanely insist on calling their product a "blawg." We refuse.)

Life After Esq had several highlights, mostly concerning a "baby prosecutors" seminar in Austin.

It had entries apparently considered titillating, such as:

The party boat took off and I was left on the speedboat in my bikini and no clothes. I was slightly concerned about that since they were talking about going straight from the boat to hula hut. That would cause a problem for me. I seemed to be the only person concerned about this. I had a total blast. I wish we could have spent more time doing that!!

Crazy!! And then there was the part where she broke the law:

(Note: "Old 3" and "Movie Star's 4" refer to other attendees.)

We started playing a game with some ice cubes. Not a particularly intellectual game. More of a game of throwing ice cubes down each others tops. I'm not entirely sure how it started. But it was quite refreshing! A whole lot of drinking and dancing later, I decided I wanted to leave and jump in the swimming pool.....

We walked into the hotel and to the pool. Stupid gate was locked. That's ok, it didn't stop me. I threw off my shoes and climbed over the fence. My now old 3 and Movie Star's 4 didn't climb over. They were afraid they'd fall off the fence and get a concussion. Well I dove into the pool with all my clothes on and then climbed back over the fence.

Mark Bennett, who writes a good blog called Defending People, was appalled. And shocked. "Confession to criminal trespass by a Harris County prosecutor: Priceless."

The Life After Esq page was quickly taken down; just as quickly someone found a Google cache of the scandalous page.

We liked the blogger's description of how she lost her first trial more than the forced-party-hearty gaiety of the Austin items. Life After Esq can write an interesting blog, it appears.

But she won't be doing it anymore.

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