Prostitution Sting Johns: The Oddly Haired, the Wife-Fearing & the Guy Who Wants the Party to Keep on Going

The Harris County Sheriff's Office decided to get in the way of working women on their way to a master's in geopolitics by having itself a prostitution sting Tuesday.

This time they weren't after the master's students hookers, they were after the johns.

The operation focused on suspects soliciting sex online. Female undercover deputies advertised as escorts on the internet and arranged for solicitors to meet them at a prearranged location in north Harris County, off of I-45 North and Beltway 8.

Once suspects arrived and made an agreement with the undercover deputies to receive sexual services in exchange for money, they were arrested.

Arrested, if the mugshots are to be believed, were a) Men with strange hair-dos, b) Men in shell shock about what they're gonna tell the little lady about the night's adventure, and c) a guy having the time of his life.

3. The Oddly Haired

You never know what your next (alleged) customer is going to look like. But the sheer professionalism of the female HCSO deputies is awe-inspiring -- they were able to concentrate on their job even as these studlies were talking sex with them.

Brava, HCSO deputies. 2. The "Oooooh Shit" Guys

"Honey, you would not believe what happened as I was on my way to the Galleria to buy you some jewelry tonight...."

1. Let's Get This Party Restarted

Arrest? The more the merrier! Plus I haven't had my picture taken in ages!!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.