Some people don't want KIAH run by a couple of Kochs.
Some people don't want KIAH run by a couple of Kochs.

Protest Planned Over Potential Sale of CW-39 to Kochs, for Some Reason

Some Houstonians who don't want their beloved CW affiliate bought by the right-wing Koch brothers are planning a protest outside the station's Westpark Drive building today, and we can't really figure out why.

Ronald Gonzalez, who plans to speak at the demonstration, tells Hair Balls that the Kochs "can't be trusted to provide an unbiased account of the news" and that he's afraid of KIAH becoming the "Tea Party Channel."

Okay. But what exactly is KIAH -- provider of such journalistic beacons as NewsFix and Eye Opener -- now?

The Kochs are considering bidding on the Tribune Company's eight newspapers, which include the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, as well as the company's TV stations, including KIAH.

We're certainly not crazy about the Kochs, and are a little freaked out about the possibility of the Kochs influencing the editorial content of newspapers that have a history of investigative journalism -- but, really, we're not sure how much damage they could do to KIAH.

But Gonzalez maintains that NewsFix has covered some of his group's protests when no other local media would, and there's no telling what kind of propaganda machine KIAH could become in the Kochs' hands. (The protest's protest release points out, "The Koch brothers' political agenda includes de-funding education, privatizing Social Security, overturning the new healthcare law, eliminating the minimum wage, attacking evidence of global warming, and destroying unions." )

But even if (God forbid) Eye Opener were yanked for, say, "Bill & Chuck's Union-Bustin' Hour," what would that mean? That people who derive their news solely from KIAH will somehow become brainwashed? That's a risk we'd be willing to take.


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