Protesters Against Arizona Law At Montrose Church: Injunction Doesn't Go Far Enough

St. Steve.JPG
​While many civil rights advocates are heralding the recent injunction against Arizona's notorious SB 1070 as a major victory, not everyone is getting in on the celebration.

In Houston, local and national immigrants rights groups assembled outside St. Stephen's Episcopal School to say the injunction, which went into effect today, only goes so far, and to remind folks there is still a lot of work and a long way to go before the law is abolished.

"Some groups are claiming victory," said Laura Boston, Director of Houston Interfaith Worker Justice, "but the injunction is only for certain aspects. We're here today to draw attention to the need for comprehensive immigration reform"

The injunction does away with some of the more draconian elements of SB 1070, such as requiring cops to check the immigration status of everyone they stop and requiring all immigrants to always have their papers on them. But Boston says there needs to be more.

Part of the injunction rules that day laborers may gather on the street seeking work, but that it will be illegal to pick them up for work. Boston says this is not acceptable, and falls short of sound Constitutional law.

However, despite their grumbling this morning, members of grassroots organizations did seem to feel there are better and brighter days ahead.

"I am confident there is a light at the end of the tunnel," said Sylvia Gonzales, national vice-president for the southwest chapter of LULAC, which consists of six states including Texas. "I'm telling my people to be patient and vigilant and don't do anything against the law so there will be no repercussions. Today's injunction is one stepping stone, but there's lots of work to be done."

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