Protests Against ExxonMobil, But Not In Houston

The Democratic National Committee launched the first web ad for the Exxon-McCain Campaign today, a campaign that protests McCain’s much-too-close ties to big oil. (You can see the ad



Along with the web ad, there’s a National Day of Action planned (kinda). Activists across the country are supposedly lined up to “highlight John McCain’s promise of $4 billion in new giveaways for oil companies already enjoying record profits and a gas tax gimmick that will line their pockets even more,” according to statements released by the DNC.

New Jersey, Indiana, Maine, Arizona, and Idaho are reportedly among the 18 or so participating sites.

But what about Texas?

Houston has that nice Exxon building downtown. It’s full of greedy oil execs; surely the DNC is sending some protestors here, right?

Well, not so far. We’re keeping an eye on the building (which is happily just across the street from our offices), and we haven’t seen anyone roll up and demonstrate.

Amber Moon, spokesperson for Harris County Democrats, says she knows of no plans for a local protest in conjunction with the DNC move.

Maybe we just love our oil companies too much here in Houston.

Olivia Flores Alvarez

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