Psychic: Your Unborn Baby Says To Put A Mini-Fan Near Your Testicles

When Houston psychic Kim O'Neill was in her late twenties, she was unhappily employed at an advertising agency. In a moment of despair, she shut her office door and cried out, "I need help! Someone help me!" That evening an angel appeared in her living room. "When he started to speak -- and by the way, he looked just like Alec Baldwin, like a 30-year-old Alec Baldwin -- I thought I was having some kind of breakdown or something," O'Neill tells Hair Balls.

The angel told O'Neill that she was supposed to become a channeler, write books and be a public speaker. "Of course I thought that was crazy," she says. But the Baldwin look-alike taught her to listen to the angels, and now she's been a channeler for 22 years. Her fourth book, Bond with Your Baby Before Birth: How to Communicate with Your Unborn Child, is being put out this month by HCI, the Chicken Soup people.

Hair Balls chatted with O'Neill about being a psychic and her new book. Here are highlights from the conversation:

Hair Balls: How did you decide to write Bond with Your Baby Before Birth?

O'Neill: I was in a channeling session with a female client who was pregnant, and I'm accessing information for her from her angels, and suddenly I heard, "Hi mommy, hi mommy," and I knew the voice wasn't talking to me. I shared it with the client, and the unborn baby started providing information for the mother as she was sitting right there in front of me. The mother gasped. She said, "That's what I've been hearing inside my head! I've already been hearing that! You mean that's coming from my child?"

HB: Can babies communicate if they're not born yet?

O'Neill: Absolutely. That's what this book is about. The bonding process between mother and child, and the fact that it starts really when the baby has chosen the mother -- not at birth, but long before then. Sometimes the woman is receiving information from her unborn child before she even conceives. Unborn babies also communicate in dreams.

HB: How did you discover the fan treatment that helps males with infertility issues?

O'Neill: One day I had a woman sitting in front of me in a private session. She said she thought she was infertile and wanted me to ask the guardian angels what it was. Her unborn baby was the one who gave me the information, and he told her that the thing derailing his conception was that Dad's sperm count was low, and it was because he was hot around his testicles. So the baby recommended that his future mother get a small plastic fan from Wal-Mart and have Dad sit under it and read a book or watch TV and let the air blow on his testicles for about 20 minutes or so -- it raises his sperm count. They were to have sex right afterwards. And she got pregnant.

HB: In the April 2009 Ask Kim Column on your website, you tell a woman that the growths on her breasts are "blessedly benign." Do you think you should have also advised the woman to visit a doctor?

O'Neill: When people ask me about health-related concerns, I tell them that of course I'm not a physician and that the information that I share is channeled. Our guardian angels frequently recommend that we get a second opinion from a physician. I am very quick to tell people I'm not 100 percent accurate.

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