Puff, Puff, Pass

Welcome to HouStoned, or as we like to call it, HouStoned. It's the official Houston Press blog, and it's way overdue. We're planning on daily content that will be updated, as our name implies, you know... whenever.

Wanna send us a news item, some dish, or some love? E-mail us.

More questions? We figured as much, so here's a handy FAQ item.

Q: What the hell is this? A: Dude, we just told you. It's HouStoned, the Houston Press blog.

Q: Your blog? Great, so we get to see stupid pics of your cat and read your rants about Starbucks employees? A: To quote Whitney Houston: Hell to the no! Sure, we love our cat. And we really do hate that one barista, but that's not we write about. Here, you'll find news and gossip about local events, music, art, food, theater, film, sports and more. Ever wonder whatever happened to that mural on Mary's? Or how about what our food critic has in his fridge? Check us out. We'll also link to blogs we dig, such as this or even this. So, to answer your question, if our cat was a part time barista and maybe if he was in a local band and once had a feud with our music editor, then yeah, we'd write about that.

Q: If you're so cool, why do we have to register to leave comments and e-mail writers? A: Honestly, it's to prevent spamming and posting abuse. (We love Cialis spam as much as anybody, but dude...) Just know that we have no interest in spying on you. Well, unless you happen to be this person. Q: Okay fine. But your second answer was just an excuse to show off your cat, wasn't it? A: Shut up.

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