Puppy Mill Pit Bulls Need Your Help

Have any extra room in your home and heart for a pit bull? There are a bunch of 'em available in Nacagdoches, rescued from an alleged puppy mill that telegraphed its redneck roots by choosing the name "Swamplot Kennels."

The pits are among the 118 dogs constables and animal control officers seized from Swamplot August 13. According to The Daily Sentinel, "most of the dogs were chained to the ground and had little food or clean water within reach." Some dogs were "locked inside hot tin sheds and trailers with no water." And Swamplot owner Lauree Brown is of course insisting she loves the dogs that she held captive like Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Hair Balls has received pleas from animal welfare advocates in Houston and Nacagdoches who say that while many of the dogs were adopted right away, the pits (surprise, surprise) haven't found homes. The advocates also point out that these pits were never in a fighting ring.   

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