Quanell X Joins the Chuck Rosenthal Ouster Party

Quanell X has taken the lead on one of the many efforts to remove Chuck Rosenthal as the Harris County District Attorney.

Look for Quanell at a downtown protest on Thursday, scheduled for noon at the Harris County Criminal Courthouse. The rally is first of many, Quanell says, until Rosenthal is gone. The DA has been in trouble in recent weeks for racist e-mails found on his computer.

Quanell, along with members of the National Black United Front, the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement and the Houston Peace and Justice Center, spoke to a number of people Tuesday night at the Good Hope Missonary Baptist Church to raise support for the protest.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the meeting was Quanell's mention of a split among some of Houston's black leaders over the Rosenthal issue. Quanell says that a "prominent member" of Houston's NAACP urged Reverend D.Z. Cofield, pastor at Good Hope church, to stay away from the Rosenthal mess, particularly when Quanell is involved, because it could tarnish Cofield's good standing in the community.

A protest at Rosenthal's house is also in the works – Quanell plans to announce the date on Monday – but that protest, Quanell says, is more suited for his "front-liners."

If you can't attend Thursday's protest, but want Rosenthal and his staff gone, you can sign an online petition here. – Paul Knight

Click here to read Chris Vogel's investigation into Chuck Rosenthal's prosecutorial practices.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.