Quanell X Responds to HPD Defamation Suit

Activist Quanell X says he's not feeling the blues these days, despite the recent defamation lawsuit that three Houston police officers have filed against him.

"I'm strong, I'm focused and I feel good," Quanell tells Hair Balls.

Earlier this month, three officers sued Quanell claiming he humiliated and harmed their reputations with public allegations that they beat Marvin Driver Jr., father of NFL star Donald Driver. A HPD Internal Affairs Division investigation has cleared the officers of wrongdoing.

Quanell denies knowingly making any false statements and says he was only acting as spokesman for the Driver family. He says that while Driver was in the hospital following an encounter with police, Driver handed him a napkin detailing a beating.

"How are you going to sue a man for repeating what a man wrote on a napkin and gave to him?" Quanell wonders. "You would think that a man who has turned in 32 murderers - killers that the city couldn't find, that they couldn't find, didn't know where they were - that you would have more respect for a man and at least attempt to dialogue with that man. But you mean to tell me that because your internal affairs investigators cleared them, so what? That's comparable to the fox guarding the hen house. Bring in a third part investigative agency and let them come back with a finding and I'll respect that."

Read more about the controversial Quanell X here.

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