Quanell X's Missing Man Found, Wasn't Missing In First Place

A couple of TV stations -- including Channel 39, above -- had stories last night on a Quanell X press conference in front of the jail, criticizing the Harris County Sheriff's Office for releasing a former inmate with mental problems without informing relatives.

The former inmate, Clifton Barber, was now missing and dangerous, Quanell X and family members said.

"If you encounter him, do not try to detain him," Quanell X said.

HCSO spokesman Alan Bernstein tells Hair Balls this morning that Barber has been found -- in LBJ Hospital, where he was taken once the criminal mischief charges against him were dropped and he was released from jail.

"Nobody ever asked us if we knew where he was; we would have told them," Bernstein says.

(Instead, it appears Bernstein was asked by reporters what HCSO policy was on releasing inmates and notifying families. Of course, if he knew at the time what had happened to Barber, chances are he would have mentioned it.)

Barber did not provide any information on next of kin upon being jailed, Bernstein said, adding that he could find no indication that any family members called the jail.

Bernstein referred to Quanell X as "Mister 10" at one point, but wouldn't directly criticize him. Asked what he thought about the charges at the press conference, he would only say they "were well-intentioned."

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