Questions You Never Thought You'd Hear: Is America's Favorite City Houston Or Detroit?

Come on, people -- Houston needs you!! Or at least the Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau does.

Houston, beauteous city by the Ship Channel, has somehow not made the list of America's Favorite Cities put together by Travel & Leisure magazine in recent years.

"We were included on the list several years ago, then were removed because of low votes," says Lindsey Brown of the GHCVB. "However, when they took Houston off the list, they received many, many complaints."

Really? Strange world we live in.

Brown is urging Houston fans to vote in the newest round of AFC listings.

"Please share this with your contacts and ask them to vote," she wrote in an e-mail appeal. "Tip: you can vote as many times as you want!"

That's quite a tip.

We won't say that the tip causes us to lessen our hard-earned faith in the rigorous scientific protocol of Travel & Leisure's voting procedures, but we will say their list of potential "Favorite Cities" does.

Among Houston's competitors: Detroit; Providence, Rhode Island; Cleveland and Anchorage, Alaska.

Which, if we ourselves were putting together a list of our favorite American cities, might not make the cut.

Anyway, people, the burden's on you -- go out there and kick the crap out of Cleveland.

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