Rachael Ray Serves Up Big Bucks to Citizens for Animal Protection

Citizens for Animal Protection has won $40,000 in the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge, a national contest where animal shelters try to raise their adoption numbers to win much-needed grant money.

CAP "found homes for 1,807 pets during the three-month competition, an increase of 625 lives saved over the same [three] months last year," according to a press release from the Challenge organizers.

CAP was one of ten shelters competing in Division 4 -- shelters that have an annual intake of between 7,001 and 11,000 animals. (We'd also like to give a shout-out to another Texas winner in that division, the City of Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, which had an increase in 553 adoptions for a total of 858).

Bert Troughton, vice president of community outreach for the ASPCA, said in the press release, "At the beginning of this competition, Citizens for Animal Protection said that they were ready and willing to think outside of the box to save more lives, and it is clear that they have done just that."

The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas beat out 48 other shelters to nab the $100,000 top prize. The national three-month total for adoptions was a cool 56,379 Congrats!

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