Rachel Bradley, Sarah Adams: Changed Looks Can't Keep Christmas-Gift Thieves from Being Arrested

Back in December, thieves broke into a storage unit in Longview and stole $20,000 worth of Christmas presents intended for poor kids.

Relatively quickly, police had two suspects and published mugshots of Rachel Bradley and Sarah Adams.

Within the past 11 days, both have been arrested, and it looks like part of their escape plan was to change their appearance as much as they could on a low budget, since most of the toys were found before they could be fenced.

Take Bradley:

We imagine how one of those cable makeover-show hosts would describe this, although we acknowledge almost every term and description we use is likely to be wrong: "Rachel loses that tired frosted-tips look -- so `80s!! -- and goes with a darker shade here. And good-bye curls!! It's a -- dare I say -- more...oh, what's the word I'm looking for here...it's on the tip of my tongue....well, anyway, I'll just say that the hairstyle and glaring look go very well with the shirt, although I notice she didn't go with the usual plaid. Bold; I like that."

And Adams, who is now ID'd as Sarah Corson-Adams:

"Like her (alleged) partner in crime, Sarah has ditched the layered-and-tinted look of a soccer meth mom for the much more sophisticated brunette color. And just look how it livens her up!! Not only are her eyes actually open, but she's got a smile as big as her heart -- the heart that stole Christmas gifts meant for needy kids!!"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.