Rand Paul, So Mad at Rick Perry, He Defends President

Sen. Rand Paul, so irritated with Perry he's sided with Obama.
He was doing so well for a minute there. Last week Gov. Rick Perry managed to appear on the national political stage and not make an ass of himself over the immigration problem, and boy were we proud. Or maybe "relieved" is more accurate, but we were some kind of positive feeling wrapped up in the fact that he at least managed to do his politicking without completely embarrassing Texas for once.

Riding that little swell of confidence from lecturing the president, Perry turned around and penned an op-ed that ran in the Washington Post.

While some might have chosen to stick to dealing with the border crisis, Perry saw this as a chance to criticize one of his fellow Republicans, Sen. Rand Paul. Specifically, Perry felt the need to argue that he, as a veteran and governor, is way better at this whole war thing than everyone else, including the president and all the Republicans. And he was sad about it.

That's why it's disheartening to hear fellow Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), suggest that our nation should ignore what's happening in Iraq. The main problem with this argument is that it means ignoring the profound threat that the group now calling itself the Islamic State poses to the United States and the world.

So Paul took issue with Perry's "assessment" of his foreign policy. "Governor Perry writes a fictionalized account of my foreign policy so mischaracterizing my views that I wonder if he's even really read any of my policy papers," Paul fired back in Politico.

Paul goes on to observe that the solutions Perry proposed sound a lot like President Obama's. Most people are in favor of such proposals, Paul notes, because there aren't exactly a plethora of options right now when it comes to Iraq.

"Perry says there are no good options. I've said the same thing. President Obama has said the same thing. So what are Perry's solutions and why does he think they are so bold and different from anyone else's?"

Members of the GOP with presidential aspirations spend as much time disavowing all things Obama as they do kissing babies and shaking hands these days, so Paul stepping up and actually (sort of) defending the president is kind of a big deal.

Perry managed to take the tiny bit of political credibility he won in his leverage of the border crisis (the president met with him in a real room and everything!) with one op-ed. Honestly, Hair Balls is a little impressed. It takes a special talent to so consistently blow even the tiniest political advantage.

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