Randy Jones: Throws Five Puppies Off Balcony, Killing Two (UPDATED)

Updated with new puppy-tossing info from HPD. See end of item.

A few months ago we had a guy throwing a puppy off a bridge because it kept getting into the garbage.

Now we have a dude throwing a dog off a balcony, motivation unknown.

Big difference: The bridge puppy survived, the balcony dog didn't.

Details are few in the incident, first reported by KHOU, but court documents say Randy Jones, 27, knowingly threw a dog off a balcony Wednesday, killing it.

District Attorney spokeswoman Donna Hawkins tells Hair Balls she can't release any further information until Jones goes through a probable-cause hearing. We've got a call in to HPD to see if they can offer further details.

The address listed for Jones is a neighborhood of single-story homes, so we're pretty sure he didn't (allegedly) do this deed at home. But just where the dog met his untimely death is not made clear in court documents.

Jones is scheduled to have that PC hearing by Monday, at which point further info will be available. He faces a felony charge of injury to a non-livestock animal.

Update: HPD spokesman John Cannon gives us the details: Five puppies thrown off a second-story balcony, two killed.

Arrest records say a woman and a relative of Jones were breeding pit bulls, and the puppies were at Jones' northeast side apartment. She went to collect "her half" of the puppies about 5 p.m. Wednesday and Jones refused to give them up.

A friend of the woman's went in and took one dog, angering Jones. "He goes back into the apartment and throws the rest of the puppies off the second-story balcony," Cannon says.

The woman and her friend picked up the five thrown dogs and put them in a truck; when they noticed two seemed dead they called the cops.

The dogs are now with Animal Control, being treated for injuries.

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