Randy Scott: Bryan Pastor Accused Of Coercing BJs In Bizarre Perversion Of Chris Hansen's Stings

Very kinky crimes alert...

Fifty-one-year-old Randy Scott, the pastor of Bryan's Bethel Temple Assembly of God was arrested here in Houston in connection with what is being portrayed in court documents as an extremely bizarre scheme.

According to court documents made available after his arrest Saturday, a confidential informant has told College Station police that back in November of last year, the informant responded to a Craigslist Men-for-Men ad.

The ad purported to come from a horny 20-year-old, but after exchanging a couple of e-mails, the ad's author claimed to be only 16 and a high school student. The John Doe informant said that was no matter -- come on by and we'll have sex anyway. (Police claim to have determined that some of the e-mails from the ad's author originated at Bethel Temple.)

Anyone who has ever seen a Chris Hanson special on Dateline Live can predict what Doe's face must have looked like when Scott, and not some fresh-faced 17-year-old, showed up in Doe's driveway at 1 a.m.

The report says he started to run back to the house -- and in shades of Hanson's trademark catch-phrase "Why don't you just take a seat over there?" -- Scott allegedly told the man to stop and talk this through.

And that's where things allegedly turned surreal...

Scott allegedly told the man he was the boy's step-father and was very protective and then reportedly offered Doe a deal: he could let him come inside, and then Doe could whip it out and let Scott suck him off, or Scott would report him for trolling the 'net for minors.

According to the court documents, the informant chose the blowjob over the possible prison term. (Perhaps here is the best place to plug one of Scott's sermons, which was entitled "The Budding of David's Horn." (Link has been disabled.)

The Bryan-College Station Eagle's report on the arrest contained an apparent contradiction, one we hope to resolve when our eagerly anticipated copy of the probable cause affidavit arrives over the transom: while the Eagle reported that Scott has admitted to ten sexual encounters with men he met on the Internet, it also stated that Scott told investigators that he only prayed with, as opposed to preyed on, the men who answered the ads he admitted to taking out.

Scott allegedly told College Station police detective Patrick McCarthy he took out the ads to track down men who might be into sex with teenaged boys and then counseled them on their sins once they revealed themselves. Apprised of the informant's story, Scott told McCarthy that it was correct except for the part about him blowing the informant, which he denied.

So far, Scott has been charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit an assault, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. He posted his $5,000 bail soon after his arrest and there is no online record of him having been locked up in Brazos County jail. Brazos County assistant DA Kara Comte told Hair Balls that a burglary has occurred whenever someone has entered someone else's property without that person's effective consent, but would say no more on the case.

Scott has acquired the services of prominent B-CS defense attorney Earl Gray, who is not talking to the press, other than to say that Scott is innocent until proven guilty. The DA's office there has said that the informant might be facing charges for online solicitation of a minor.

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