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Ranking the Houston Texans Road Trips for 2024

Texans fans have some great options for road games in 2024.
Texans fans have some great options for road games in 2024. Photo by Jack Gorman
Houston Texans fans have always enjoyed traveling to road games. Some seasons it's been more enjoyable to do so than others. For example, if you traveled to follow the Texans in 2021 and 2022, you deserve some sort of valor medal. Last season, I would imagine, was a whole lot more fun, especially if you traveled to any of the three divisional games, all road wins!

When it comes to ranking the road trips, for me, it comes down to a combination of the game itself, the travel experience, and the surrounding non-football elements (touristy stuff, food, weather, etc.) So with that in mind, here is my power ranking of the nine Houston Texans road trips for 2024:

If you're looking for a Texans win, then this is the trip! The Texans haven't lost a road game to the Jaguars since 2017. Jacksonville, as a city, is kind of underrated, especially if you base yourself along the beach. This game is in early December, so it probably won't be ideal beach weather, but hey, it's still the beach! Not much else to say about ol' J-Ville. There's a reason it's ninth out of nine.

If you're looking for yet another place where even BAD Texans teams of late have been able to win — 2021 and 2022, anyone? — Nashville is your place. You'll probably get to see Oilers uniforms on the Titans, and a night out in Nashville on Saturday is always fun. The game is in January, so weather is not ideal. Always a chance, though, that you could run into "HAWK TUAH" girl....
Oh, how the mighty have fallen! A trip to New England in mid-October to play the Patriots, in seasons past, would have been in the upper half of the list, for sure. However, there's not much fun watching the Texans kick around a team that may be the worst in the league in 2024. The game is in mid-October, so the foliage will be gorgeous, but the trip to Foxborough and traffic around the stadium is the worst in the NFL.

This game is in September, so the weather should be just fine. The stadium is an indoor stadium, so weather doesn't affect the actual game, but if you're looking to do some outdoor eating or drinking, you should be in good shape. If you're not, then head to the Mall of America and ride the roller coaster!

Okay, now we are getting into some meaningful games. This is Week 1, and there should be a TON of juice in the stadium that day. These two teams have piled some decent trash talk during the offseason, mostly C.J. Stroud talking about what clowns the Colts' linebacking unit is. The winner of this game is out FAST inside the division, as I think these are the two best teams in the AFC South. Indy is an underrated eating, drinking, and night life city, too.

4. NEW YORK JETS, Week 9
A trip to New York City for a Halloween Thursday game sounds pretty fun to me! The Texans should have revenge on their minds, as this was the site of mine of their worst performances of the 2023 season, and this time Aaron Rodgers should be playing, provided he doesn't tear his Achilles four snaps into the season again. Once the game itself is over, stick around for a few days doing New York City things!

This is just four days before the Texans play on Christmas Day, so traveling may not be ideal. The airports are going to suck (as if airports are ever fun). However, if you have never been to Arrowhead Stadium for a game, you need to find a way to go. This game will be on a Saturday afternoon, cold weather, and possibly two teams in line to meet in the AFC Title Game. Also, people from Texas make fun of KC barbecue, but I always enjoy it when i visit there!

This is the bonus 17th game on the schedule, as these two teams typically only play once every four seasons, but the 17th game scheduling rule yields the Cowboys in Arlington. This is an easy drive up I-45, and the game has the stage to itself, on Monday Night Football. If both teams are good, tickets prices will be insane.

I went to a Green Bay game during the Texans' bye week three seasons ago, and maybe it's because we were in the midst of the worst season in Texans history (David Culley, head coach!), so anyplace other than here was going to seem amazing, but I can't remember visiting a greater football Shangri-La. It was early November, with the snow dusting the parking lot on game day, and the people could not have been friendlier. The whole place oozes history. This game will be in late October, so it should be ideal football weather. Honestly, the top of this power ranking is not even close — GO TO GREEN BAY, and thank me later!

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