Bryan Theriot, a/k/a Tow Down, a/k/a "Arrested Again"

Rapper Tow Down, Brother Arrested On Drug Charges

Tall Caucasian rapper Tow Down, aka Bryan Theriot, made mainstream news in 2008, when The Man raided his posh Sienna Plantation home and seized about 50 marijuana plants. But as sweet as Tow Down's hydro set-up was, it looks downright juvenile compared to the two and a half tons of sticky green goodness that Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies say they found Thursday in the home of Tow Down's brother.

Bernard Theriot -- who has also produced his brother's music -- has been arrested at his Missouri City home, according to KHOU. The 850 plants are worth about $4 million, according to the story.

Bryan Theriot's home was also searched, and he was arrested on suspicion of delivery and possession of marijuana, as well as possession of cocaine and hydrocodone, according to FortBendNow.com.

The Theriot brothers were already out on bond for the 2008 pot bust. Evidently possessing a nose for weed, KHOU was there for that raid and got some cool, borderline instructional, video of the hydroponic operation, which Tow Down posted on his MySpace. (The raid also reportedly yielded hydrocodone, ecstasy, and alprazolam.)

According to the 2008 story, the narcs were "working off a tip," and we can't help but wonder if the same snitch was behind this latest raid. If so, that dude's an even bigger dick. Of course, when you're on bond for one big pot-growing venture, it might not be the best idea to go ahead and expand your business operation.

Bernard Theriot has produced Tow Down for his label, D.I.M.E. Tow Down, perhaps best known for "Country Rap Tune," has collaborated with a number of rappers, including Lil' Flip, Slim Thug and Mike Jones.

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