Rating the Rides: Fear Is a Factor for the Rodeo's Roller Coasters

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You can't go to the Rodeo without going on the rides.

Well, you could, but what fun is that? But if you're going on the rides, you definitely want to know what you're getting yourself into.

So we rode `em and rated `em, just for you.

6. Mega Drop Does anyone remember the Dungeon Drop from AstroWorld? If you're too young to remember or you're looking to relive Houston's roller coasting glory days, feel free to partake in the Mega Drop. This ride hoists you up above the carnival at 180 feet and abruptly drops you down to the ground in a matter of five seconds. If you are looking for a quick thrill, it's definitely worth trying out.

Check out our slideshow of RodeoHouston's wildest rides.

On a scale of 1-5....

Fear factor: 3. It's a fun time, but nothing major.

5. Storm Double trouble. First they spin you clockwise in your seat and then you are whisked around counterclockwise by the rest of the ride, simultaneously. This ride will leave you a bit shaken up, but it's a great time if you want something that's a little bit in the fast lane.

Fear factor: 2. Not too scary, but you will be dizzy.

4. Alien Abduction In the midst of all of the madness, you have this magical contraption called Abduction. When you step into the purple and blue spaceship, you might become a little confused. Inside there is no harness for safety and no seat belt. It's a little alarming at first because of the carnival's safety mishaps. Once you're inside, you stand against this wall. The ride begins to twist and spin and gravity becomes nonexistent. Once the ride starts, you're able to slide up and stick to the walls, lay sideways and contour your body however you like against the wall. It's like you're stuck there and you can't fall. It's fun for the kids and gives the adults a break from the more aggressive rides.

Fear factor: 1. You have too much fun levitating to be scared. 3. Remix It's pretty fast and there are tons of spins and dips. You're jerked around in the air past its backdrop of airbrushed faces, such as Rosie O'Donnell. It can cause quite a bit of nausea if you are not careful (the ride, not Rosie's face).

Fear factor: 4. There were plenty of screams to go around.

2. Evolution Just when I think I'm out, it kept pulling me back in. Evolution lifts you up, turns you upside down, jerks you to the side and makes no apologies about it. So disrespectful. It's one of the longer rides and it is guaranteed to leave you walking in circles afterward. Have a faint stomach? Don't even bother.

Fear factor: 4.

1. Speed WARNING: This is only for the daredevils at heart. The eight-person ride has two parts, similar to a vertical seesaw. Once the first four victims, I mean passengers, get in, they swing to the top where the opposite set of passengers proceed to get settled in. So there you are dangling 100-something feet in the air and the ride hasn't even started. As you sit, you are swinging back and forth in the air and the ride still hasn't started. Once it begins, you begin to quickly rotate and while you are going around, the ride stops mid-air and your seat begins to swing back and forth as you dangle over the carnival crowd. You even hang upside down for a few seconds.

Fear factor: 5.

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