RAW VIDEO!!!! (Of A Motionless, Bored Alligator)

Here is RAW VIDEO of Houston police in a

deadly face-off

against a huge, vicious alligator.

We dare you to sit through all four and a half minutes. You will not be able to.

Not because it is filled with gnashing teeth and cops' arms getting snapped off, but because nothing happens. This alligator is like Jabba the Hutt on percocet.

The gator was discovered on the I-10 service road near Federal on the east side of town. He was too big to pick up and move, so cops surrounded him with their vehicles to prevent him from escaping.

Not that this gator showed much interest. Startling RAW video shows him looking perfectly content to bask right where he is, as officials decided what to do.

We hope the gator enjoyed his repose, because they were his last moments on earth. The animal was shot, and the meat will go to homeless shelters.

The shooting is not included in the video, in case you're wondering if things pick up towards the end.

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