Ray Hill Can't Get Arrested In This Town (Really)

Longtime gay activist Ray Hill knows the law, and he knows how to push buttons. We thought he knew how to get arrested to make a point, but several Houston police officers proved up to the task of not falling for it.

Maybe it was due to the fact the whole thing was being recorded, but usually a man screaming inches away from a cop's face that the officer is a "motherfucker" and a "chickenshit" is enough to get cuffed. This time it just got eyerolls from the police.

The NSFW video (embedded after the jump) was shot at the Prop 8 rally in front of City Hall this week.

Police said the flags some people were trying to set up violated city guidelines.

Hill intervened, as only he can. "I took possession of the flags and suggested they arrest me and told the officers to call their sergeant," Hill says. "He came and tried to rip the flags from my hands and that worked. He is younger and stronger. We had the heated discussion that everyone could see and hear."

At one point the cops, worried about Hill's blood pressure, said they were taking him to the hospital. He refused, unless they arrested him first.

Eventually things settled down.

"I went to the podium and gave my speech, went home took my heart medicine and went to the Caucus meeting with stories to tell as usual," Hill says.

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