Re: A Garland for the 'Stros?

If Buchholz's shoulder killed the Garland deal, well, then...um...his shoulder's got some serious 'splainin' to do.

Oh, so it's all Taylor Buchholz's fault.

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Now there are reports (well, the Chron's Jose De Jesus Ortiz has cited SI.com, anyway) that the Jon Garland to the Astros trade has fallen through, thanks to Astros pitcher Taylor Buchholz's bum shoulder. Seems Taylor failed his physical, and as every sports fan knows, no phyzzie, no deal.

Buchholz says his wing is fine, thank you very much. "The only thing that gave me problems was my middle finger," he told the Chron. "It was bothering me for about two months, from right around the All-Star break. But I was fine at the end of the season. I haven't had a physical."

We're waiting to hear back from Astros media relations to see if GM Tim Purpura will make any kind of statement this evening. Until then, this deal looks done, and not in a good way.

A shame too, as Garland, with his $10 million price tag, is looking better and better. He's like that late-model Honda on eBay with low miles that you find just as the auction ends. And man, does this team need more Hondas. — Steven Devadanam

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