Re: A'anya Cantley Update

Read Craig Malisow's breaking coverage of the A'anya Cantley story here.

We were finally able to get a copy of the Keeshauner Cantley show-cause hearing from the Harris County Attorney's office this morning. It reveals that A'anya's five-year-old brother previously suffered a fractured ankle, had ringworms, and was withdrawn from school because — his mother says — her car broke down. Some of that testimony follows,

as does a brief conversation with the mother of Cantley's boyfriend, Carl Robinson. -- Craig Malisow

Children's ad litem attorney, Myrna Slack-Wilson, to CPS caseworker Julia Ceaser:

Wilson: "If your concern is the boyfriend, if the boyfriend is no longer in the home, ma'am, do you find that there's a danger of having the children placed with Mom?"

CPS: "Yes, because she's — she's probably going to go back because previously —

Wilson: "Objection. If the boyfriend is not in the home, is there a danger with the children being placed with Mom?" CPS: "I still believe so."

Wilson: "And what would be your belief of that?"

CPS: "Because of the unexplained injury of the child's [thumb]."

Frazier asks Cantley about previous conditions of the five-year-old.

Frazier: "What were the allegations?"

Cantley: "The allegations were, my son had ringworms and supposedly had a fractured ankle."

Frazier: "And were you living with [Carl Robinson] at the time?"

Cantley: "No. He wasn't staying with me at the time, but we were seeing each other.

Frazier: "He had a fractured ankle?"

Cantley: "Yeah, supposedly."

Frazier: "And how did that occur?"

Cantley: "Well, on his skates, because he didn't put his shoes — he has some skates that you have to use shoes, but he didn't put his shoes on with the skates."

Frazier: "Did you get treatment for the child?"

Cantley: "Yes, sir."

Frazier: "...Doesn't he still have the ringworm with him?"

Cantley: "Yeah, he still do. He still do."

Wilson asks Cantley about the ankle.

Wilson: "Did you take your son to the doctor?"

Cantley: "Yes, I did."

Wilson: "And what did they do?"

Cantley: "Well, they declared it as a fracture, but they referred me back to his doctor. And his doctor said so — he had to go take some more x-rays."

Wilson: "Has your son shown any problems with respect to that particular leg at all?"

Cantley: "No, he didn't."

Wilson: "Now, with respect to the ringworms, ma'am, did you do what you reasonable could to help your son with the ringworms?"

Cantley: "Yes, I did."

Wilson: "And can you assure the court that you will continue to do what is necessary to clear up the ringworms on your son?"

Cantley: "Yes."

Wilson: "With respect to your daughter, are you going to assure this court that, number one, Carl Robinson will not enter your home again?"

Cantley: "Yes, I do."

Wilson: "And are you going to assure this court that you will protect these children from any danger with respect to Carl Robinson or any boyfriend or anybody — you will protect your children?"

Cantley: "Yes, I am."

We haven't been able to reach Robinson, but his mother spoke briefly, before hanging up. She confirmed her son's story that A'anya accidentally knocked a pot of boiling water on herself when she reached for her bottle near the stove.

"He was cooking some noodles, and he had her bottle sitting up there by the sink on the stove, and he was in the bathroom," Janet Robinson said. "He heard her cry. He came out — she had burned herself and he called 911."

She said this was easy to believe, because it had almost happened before, when Cantley and A'anya were at her home.

"It's tall enough for her to reach it, because when I keep her — one day me and her mom was here. I was cooking. And we made it just in time, 'cause she was trying to pull some grease down on her, 'cause I was frying some chicken. So she could reach the stove."

She would not let us speak to Robinson, or leave a message for him.

"I know reporters. Y'all switch everything around. He not gonna be in the limelight so y'all can sell a fuckin' paper. So please do not call my house again."

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