The dogs are still for sale. But to whom?

Re: Breaking News: Death to the Dogs

Yet another update to this seemingly unending story of the 320 pit bulls in Liberty County.

Courtney Frank of the Houston Humane Society says her offices have been fielding angry calls and e-mails about the fate of the pit bulls after the judge's recent decision. "The judge's ruling that the puppies be auctioned off is an unusual one for both Liberty County and for the Houston Humane Society, as that decision is usually reserved for livestock," Franks says. "Nothing can be done until after Monday, August 28, when the widow can appeal the auction of the puppies."

The disposal (there's no other way to put it, really) of the adult pit bulls started this weekend. "The vast majority of adults have been put down already," says Frank.

That leaves the pups, whose fate is up in the air. Frank says people have been questioning the HHS, wondering what the institution is doing to protect the surviving puppies from being auctioned off to unscrupulous people who would exploit them, fight them or simply show them off and otherwise mistreat them. At issue especially is the fact the HHS hasn't spayed or neutered the animals (which would deter purchasers from purchasing them solely for breeding purposes).

"The Houston Humane Society is opposed to pet auctions, and we always spay and neuter animals up for adoption in our care," she says. "As such, we're working with Liberty County officials to discuss possible alternatives for re-homing the puppies. If we absolutely have to auction them off, we'll do what can to make sure they go to good and loving pet owners. If someone is an expert on animal auctions or pit bulls, we invite them to send that information to us." -- Steven Devadanam

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