Re: Dissecting the Dirty Dozen

Courtesy of UT Sports Information
That familiar ass is gone, Mack.

We've gotten some terrific responses to our Big 12 preview. Now, Richard Connelly offers his two cents:

It's great to see that John Nova Lomax, a UT fan, has picked the Longhorns to win the Big 12 this year.

Lomax, who's as knowledgeable a football fan as anyone who actually likes Hall & Oates could ever aspire to be, has fallen victim to that sad malady afflicting every UT fan — mistaking a temporary blip for a permanent condition. (Sort of like the guy who owned the convenience store down the block from me a few years ago: a couple of my brothers visited for a week, resulting in a huge spike in Budweiser sales. I think the guy is still selling off the inventory he gleefully ordered, thumbing through yacht catalogs in anticipation of the Good Times lasting forever.)

UT fans: Vince Young is gone. And Mack Brown is still your coach.

You know how people add the words "in bed" to fortune-cookie predictions to get giggles? ("You will soon enjoy a great success....in bed!") UT fans should add the words "without Vince Young" to every statement about how all the bad (but true) things about Brown have allegedly been erased.

Take Richard Justice's recent column in the Chron and see how it works:

I've come here to ask Mack Brown how his life has changed since that night in Pasadena.

"I don't have to sit around and wonder if I'll ever win a national championship without Vince Young," he said...

Never again should [the critics] say Brown can't win the big one without Vince Young, can't beat Oklahoma without Vince Young, can't win a conference championship without Vince Young, can't win this without Vince Young, can't win that without Vince Young...

He was constantly being compared to Joe Paterno, Steve Spurrier, Bob Stoops. Except they had something Brown didn't. They had won championships without Vince Young....Because he couldn't beat Oklahoma without Vince Young, some took it to mean he wasn't a good coach without Vince Young.

You get the idea. As the college-football preview stories accumulate, remember this handy tip. It'll save you UT fans some heartache. -- Richard Connelly

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