Re: Dynamo a Go-Go

Photos by Steven Devadanam for HouStoned Images Ltd., Ulmtd.
Mayor White pumped up the Dynamo faithful...

As promised, Mayor White held his big sendoff for the Houston Dynamo this afternoon at City Hall. Turnout was impressive, especially for Wednesday at lunchtime. The Texian Army was out in full force backed by marching band-style drums. Mayor White and members of City Council urged fans to support the team, challenging them to make the trip that Mattress Mac's paying for this Sunday. After announcements and some rah-rah speeches, players hung out and posed for pictures, while fans signed a giant good luck card for the team.

...who really didn't need any pumping up at all.

Team president Oliver Luck told me that he's expecting 12 to 13 buses to be filled on Sunday morning, which will be dubbed the Houston Dynamo Convoy, presented by Gallery Furniture. Mattress Mac is planning for this to be the largest convoy in sports history. The procession will leave Gallery Furniture 'round 7:30 a.m. and head straight for Pizza Hut Park.

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If you're up for an up-to-six-hour roadie with several thousand screaming fans, you can hop on a bus. Or, if you'd rather cruise up yourself, Mac has even offered to pay any traveling Houstonian's parking at Pizza Hut Park.

Pretty durn generous, Mac.

City Council members and Dynamo players posed for pics...

Want more info? You can find it here. Stay tuned. -- Steven Devadanam

...while fans scribbled good luck messages to the team.

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