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Re: Hey Drayton, What's the Rush in the Search for a General Manager?

There have been some changes since I wrote this Astros post last night. My post was premised on Jesus Ortiz's article which was based on his talk with Drayton McLane and in which it was essentially stated that there weren't going to be any second interviews.

Mark Berman at Fox 26 however, is reporting that former Phillies GM Ed Wade is in town for a second interview, and he's reporting this because Ed Wade told him that he is in town for a second intereview.

Jesus Ortiz says in his blog that, as a reporter, all he can do is make his calls and trust his sources. Jesus, it looks like you didn't make enough calls -- I know, that might interfere with your radio show. Or maybe you should stop trusting your sources so damn much.

Of course, Berman could be wrong and Ed Wade could be in town not for a second interview, but because that's who Drayton's decided to be his next general manager. Which would be a mistake, and if he gets the job, I'll weigh in on that later. But there's one big reason why this would be a mistake: Several years ago the Phillies were looking for a new manager. Jim Leyland wanted that job. And he wanted it badly. Ed Wade chose Charlie Manuel. Anybody who's stupid enough to choose Charlie Manuel over Jim Leyland deserves to be fired from his job, as Wade later was. And nobody that stupid deserves to work in baseball again.

Which is why Drayton will probably hire him. -- John Royal

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