Courtesy of Global Peace Initiative
And who wouldn't want a hug from this guy?

Re: KA Paul Charged with Being a Really Sketchy Dude

Anand “KA Paul” Kilari, who was

arrested in Beverly Hills

in April for allegedly trying to get his evangelical freak on with a minor, finally got around to providing the


with a statement. However, it took a little time to verify the information, so we apologize for the delay. Anyway, according to Kilari’s statement, the diminutive evangelical is a hugger, not a Chester:

“Incorrect stories are circulating regarding charges that were brought against Dr. K. A. Paul in Beverly Hills, CA. For an alleged ‘hug’ following a brief conversation in a crowded hotel elevator, baseless charges were brought against Dr. Paul. Subsequently, the Beverly Hills District Attorney’s office issued a rejection slip to file a case apparently based on the complete lack of evidence.

Nonetheless, reporters trying to make a name for themselves, certain individuals and politicians, for both personal and political reasons are trying to promote the story and give Dr. Paul a bad name.

Dr. Paul, a global evangelist, humanitarian and peacemaker is known for hugging people around the world. These groundless charges without any truth have shocked and saddened him as well as his many good friends and supporters who want to hold the individuals responsible for their actions.”

A representative of the LA County DA's Office stated that the case was returned to the detectives and is "under further investigation." Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mitch McCann told the Press: “The DA asked the detectives to do a little more follow up and try to get some more witness information…it hasn’t been filed as of yet, but they’re still working on it.”

The Press left several messages for Kilari, in the hopes that he might be able to meet for a group hug, but the calls have not been returned. – Craig Malisow

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