Courtesy of The Family Lomax
We wouldn't be surprised to see young John get his own column very soon.

Re: My Kid Is a Ten-Year-Old Curmudgeon

Turns out that the seemingly cherubic son of music critic/college football pundit John Nova Lomax is quite the critic in his own right, and man, do readers dig him. So, back by popular demand, here's John Henry Lomax with his next round 'o rants. Read his first round 'o rants here, and send him some love in the Comments section.

Argument 4: Here is the problem with today's teachers. Have you ever noticed how bossy today's teachers are? They're always saying "this homework is a disgrace!" or "you take no pride in your work." Who are they to tell us what's bad and what's not, who are they to judge our work and embarrass us in front of the whole class?! I think students should be treated with a little more respect, don't you? I mean if it wasn't for our tax dollars they wouldn't be able to renovate the school and they wouldn't be able to pay the teachers and still they treat you like crap.So as you can see an entire school district revolves around students, a school that has no students has no profit.So why do teachers treat students like crap? Like I said students should have more respect! So there you have it, today's problem with teachers. They're too damn mean! (Sorry to those teachers that are actually nice!)

John Henry sez: Butterfinger rocks, organic chocolate, not so much...

Argument 5: Here are today's problems with business. Do you know what sucks? When you really want something you really want and then the business that makes them stops making them. It would be a lot better if they kept things out for a little longer so anyone who missed it would have a chance to get it. Here's what someone should do -- only sell stuff that's already been recalled and you know, like try to bribe the stores to sell all the ones that haven't been sold to them. So it's a benefit for both the company and the store. Here is a example of one time this has happened to me, I really wanted Age Of Empires2 so I got it then a few years later I lose it and im still really into it, so I go out to replace it but guess what?They don't sell it anymore. And I'm still looking for it to this day. So begone crazy shoppers and buy to your hearts content! (Warning: may lead to sudden bankruptcy)

Argument 6: Here is one thing I hate.You know when you go to the store and buy one of those "organic" chocolates, and you start eating it and it tastes like plastic? Well I have and I ask those companies, why do you think people will like something that tastes like plastic more than to have a nice Butterfinger? Does it really make it better if it says "organic" on the package? I mean wake up! People in America like things that taste better not things that are healthier! Why do you think 70 percent of people in America are overweight?! I might as well go out and eat a carrot -- it tastes pretty much the same as one of those "organic" chocolate bars. And plus they charge like $15 for one tiny chocolate bar! So why go out and spend money on something that tastes like plastic than spend your money on something that tastes good smooth,crunchy and creamy? And that is why most of us are over weight! So there you are, the worst chocolate bars in the world!! -- John Henry Lomax

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