Daniel Kramer

Re: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: Roller Derby All Star Competition

I went to the Texas Roller Derby Governor’s Cup at the Verizon Theater last night. But, do to flu-like symptoms, I left before the matches were completed. I did get to see the Houston Roller Derby all-star squad, Hard Knocks, dominate its match against the Dallas Derby Devils, and I saw the first half of a match in which Austin’s all-star squad, the TXRG Travel Team, annihilated Dallas’s all-star quad, Special Ops, and this was after a match in which Special Ops had put the whooping on San Antonio’s Las Tejanas.

The winner of the Governor’s Cup was to be decided in the final match, which would be Hard Knocks of Houston against the winner of TXRG versus Special Ops. I have no reason to doubt that TXRG is not that team.

I will, of course, report to you the final results when I learn them.

I continue to be amazed by the skill, strength, and passion of the roller derby skaters. They never give up. It features the speed, the grace, and the passion of ice hockey with a mixture of NASCAR and WWE.

It is an incredible sporting event to watch, and I wholly recommend it to anyone. -- John Royal

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