Re: The Adventures of John Lomax and the Walk Down Westheimer

The 12-mile reprise of the original 16 mile trek down Westheimer was a big success. We raised a few hundred bucks for the Houston Musician's Benevolent Society and had a great time, and the crisp weather made it that much easier to complete.

Some time in the Spring, we might be doing another one of these, but not on Westheimer. I'm now officially burned out on the Theimer. I'm thinking of doing either Richmond, Bissonnet, or North or South Main next time. Which do you think is best? Or is it some street I haven't mentioned yet?

Anyway, here's some pics from the last trip. -- John Nova Lomax

Nearly all of these photos by John Nova Lomax
Pondering a Thai massage -- "Foot Ache" is definitely a factor on these treks.
I call Mid-Westheimer (west of Chimney Rock, east of Fondren) "The Testosterone Zone." This strip center is the essence of that -- Evans Music City, an army surplus store, a titty bar and a liquor store within 100 yards of each other. Now that's one-stop shopping.
My little stab at "art" photography. The plowboy dude reminds me of Walt Whitman for some reason. If he's on Westheimer, he's probably wondering where all the leaves of grass went. For their part, the dolphins seem pretty content frolicking in the exhaust chemical stew.
Fellow walker Steve Dinges pointed us in the direction of this live oak, which sprawls just off the patio of the Beck's Prime and Dolce e Freddo near the Jungman Library. If it ain't the head of the live oak class here in H-Town, it sure don't take long to call roll.
This is Steve Dinges. Steve calls the Jungman Library his office, and his home is a secluded tent in the wilds halfway to Katy. Dinges knows more about Westheimer -- the street life of the entire length of the monster -- than any man alive. Dinges is also a Who fan, a Civil War buff, and a loquacious dude.
Michael Burg. Among other gigs, Burg is an adjunct professor of business at the University of St Thomas. Burg knew as much about the businesses along Westheimer as Dinges did about the street life.
At last we put Transco behind us -- Montrose lies just ahead.

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