Photos by Monica Fuentes

Re: The Curious Incident of the Frog Head in the Diet Coke

Shepherd resident Mario Lopez dropped by the

Houston Press

offices today to show us the now infamous bottle of Diet Coke in which he says he found a

frog's head


First things first: We'd like to apologize for our snark in this post. We had no idea how freakin' difficult it is to photograph something inside a bottle of Diet Coke.

Which brings us to our second point: There indeed is something inside that bottle. A frog's head? We're not so sure, but something's in there. It's mainly white and crusty looking, but there are some glints of color here and there. It kinda sorta looks like a clump of dirty sugar, although you gotta figure that would've dissolved by now.

Apparently a "Division Security Manager" visited Lopez yesterday and let him know he can't exactly go around trashing the Coca-Cola Company. And for the record, Lopez says he has nothing against the red and the white. Nothing at all.

HouStoned has sent a message to the security manager, and we'll let you know how that turns out. — Keith Plocek

After the jump, the best photo we could muster.

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