Luby's? More like Screwby's! Anyone?

Re: Wait, So You're Supposed to Tip?

Earlier this week we posted about Luby's shelling out $366, 864 in back wages to its employees. For those of you who didn't see that post (and are too lazy to click on the link above), all you need to know is: There was some funny business going on with tip-pooling that resulted in some employees not even making minimum wage.

We followed up with the Department of Labor to find out what exactly went down, and here's what spokeswoman Elizabeth Todd told us via email:

Basically, waiters, waitresses, countermen, busboys and service bartenders are paid $2.13 [an hour] by the employer. They are to keep enough of their tips to reach the minimum wage of $5.15. Of the remaining tips over and above this amount, the company may retain 15 percent. Beyond 15 percent is a violation, which was the case in the Luby's investigation. Therefore, the company had to reimburse employees.

Kind of reminds us of when our high-school buddies would go through the line twice and only offer up one ticket to the cashier. — Keith Plocek

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