Re: We Always Knew We Were Ahead of the Curve When It Comes to Sexual Experimentation

Looks like James Campbell, reader rep for the Chron, thinks the paper went too far with its story about Anna Nicole Smith's lesbian lover.

So, let's do the accounting: Essentially, we overplayed an old story that is based on the word of one woman -- a self-admitted recovering drug addict who is homeless and jobless. On top of that, we did not credit the Press for breaking the "news" seven years ago.

Touche, Campbell. There we were, calling out the Chron for rehashing our seven-year-old story, and you turned it around and bemoaned that your writers had stooped to our trashy level. Very nice.

Seems this attitude has even rubbed off on your readers. From the comments:

Now, we have a Chronicle reporter who has, if not plagiarized at least heavily borrowed, from a seven year old story first published in a gossip rag.

Wait a minute. Who you calling a gossip rag? Our last five features dealt with homeless teens, urban blight, college baseball, ... Dude, I'm in the middle of typing a blog post. Can't you wait a minute? Oh. Next week? Bald Britney on the cover? Oh, hell, yeah. She's actually bald in more than one place, you know what I'm sayin'. Okay, okay, her most recent baldness. Gotcha. Sounds like a winner. Now all we need is some kind of tenuous Houston connection. Hold on, lemme finish this blog post real quick and I'll come up with something. ... drug prohibition and nursing home abuse. What about that says "gossip rag" to you? — Keith Plocek

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