And you thought attics were just places for old women to hang out in Victorian novels.

Re: Well, We Do Like Cash...

Okay, so either the universe is folding in on itself like some kind of cosmic ouroboros or this whole sell-all-the-crap-in-your-attic trend is getting way out of hand.

Not 15 minutes after we posted on Cash in the Attic coming to Houston, a coworker dropped off a press release on our desk for the American Rare Collectibles Roadshow:

You may be familiar with the Antiques Roadshow or Cash in the Attic, we do something similar to them... Everyone has something in his or her attic or basement that is collectible and would like to know if it is valuable enough to sell... At the local event, you will find thousands of collectors represented ready to spend money on the spot to buy any and all collectibles.

Here are the details: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, January 5, through Sunday, January 7. Comfort Inn, 7887 W. Tidwell. For information, call 217-243-6418. Free. — Keith Plocek


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