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Realtor Foot Fetishist Captured; There May Be Others

At least one of the

foot fetishists who have been hassling Houston-area Realtors

has been captured, the Houston Association of Realtors says.

A suspect was arrested by Webster police on Spetember 22, the HAR's Matt Burrus tells Hair Balls. (We tried unsuccessfully to confirm with Webster PD.)

"Thanks to diligent HAR members, a suspect has been arrested in the 'Foot Fetish Creep' matter," said a notification to the group.

Burrus says, however, that there's probably a second guy out there calling Realtors and talking dirty about feet.

Realtors in Memorial, Katy and inside the Loop have begun getting calls, he says.

Speculation is that the callers see photos of the Realtors in ads or on signs, thus enhancing their imaginations as they make their masturbatory calls.

"I've been really shocked at the numbers our members have been reporting," Burrus says. Reports of more than 70 calls over the last six months came in once HAR started asking for information, he said.

The perp(s) are not overly bright: One called last night and, when the Realtor didn't pick up, he texted his little paean to her feet, thus revealing his phone number.

Realtors live and die by calls coming in from their signs, so it can be difficult not to pick up the phone. But when the guy on the other end starts panting about toes, you might he hesitant to take calls from blocked numbers.

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