Reasonable, Calm Discussion Continues On Whether A President Can Urge Kids To Stay in School

Leave it to Texas to add a whole additional layer of idiocy to the cornucopia of idiocy surrounding protests over a President urging kids to stay in school.

Other presidents have given such televised speeches to schools before -- even in Texas -- without any hubbub, but none of those presidents were Communist agents born in Kenya who have incredible mind-melding powers in which they can recruit young children through a TV screen.

School districts and individual schools all over the area are scrambling to try to keep Obama-haters appeased while not looking too insane.

HISD's Norm Uhl tells Hair Balls "alternative learning activities" will be available and "There is absolutely no reason for a parent to keep a child home on Tuesday, since we are accommodating their wishes." (Keep them home for the whole day because of an innocuous speech?! Then again, the kids might be in the building when the speech is televised!! Invisible rays could reach out from the TV!!)

Katy ISD, for instance, sent out a note saying "Allowing parents to opt their children out of listening to our president or any other elected official will be honored as we honor requests of those who desire to opt out of saluting our nation's flag and reciting the pledge of Allegiance."

Fairly reasonable, right? No. It ignited a firestorm.

Parents who refused to let their kids listen to the country's president were angered at being compared to parents who refused to let their kids salute the flag. Because obviously, one is completely different than the other. Somehow. We're sure it has something to do with socialism.

Or maybe not. One of the groups crying loudly about this is the Liberty Counsel, which has sent us a press release demanding Obama stop the "illegal activity" of talking to schoolchildren. It cites Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and explains:

DOE Secretary Duncan is no moderate. He is a former Chicago politician who chose Kevin Jennings as Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. Jennings was the founder of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network), a radical group that promotes forced acceptance of homosexuality and transsexuality in schools to children as young as five.

Ah, now it's clear. Obama is trying to seduce these kids, not into socialism, but into a life of hunting down obscure Original Cast Recordings of Broadway shows.

Katy ISD apologized in a second letter to parents. Some districts around here are urging parents to preview the text of the speech, which will be available Monday.

That strikes one education activist as odd. Karen Miller has long been lobbying against Channel One, the commercial program school districts sign up for that shows programming that includes ads, television programming students can't avoid even if they want to.

"Oh well, now school districts are in high gear obtaining permission/opt-out slips for a 12-minute speech by the president," she tells Hair Balls. "Guess they already have a contract with Channel One and cannot cancel that!"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.