Reckless Robber: He's Reckless No More (Probably)

The FBI thinks they've got the man they dubbed the "Reckless Robber." Well, they didn't get him -- Fort Bend Sheriff's deputies did when they killed him in a shootout May 22.

Mouafak Kazza, 26, was killed during a bank robbery where he was apparently even more reckless than usual. The FBI has identified him as the man responsible for at least 20 area robberies.

"He had been dubbed the 'Reckless Robber' due to the manner in which he kept his finger on the trigger of his weapon as he pointed it at customers and bank employees," the FBI said today.

Although an investigation has determined that Kazza -- an American citizen, the FBI took pains to note -- was the Reckless Robber, agents are still trying to determine whether the Katy resident can be tied to any more bank heists.

Because the investigation is ongoing, the agency said, no interviews will be allowed on the case.

Kazazz and a partner led police on a chase after his last heist, shooting at the cops with AK-47s. Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office deputy Charlie Scott was hit with gunfire (as was a pedestrian), but he still managed to corral the suspects.

Kazazz was dead and the other faces attempted capital murder charges.

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