A volunteer from Houston's Chabad Lubavitch Center helps clear debris from a home after Harvey.EXPAND
A volunteer from Houston's Chabad Lubavitch Center helps clear debris from a home after Harvey.

Finally! Curbside Recycling to Return to Houston in November

Wipe away those tears of frustration and get your green bins ready, because curbside recycling is returning to Houston.

The City of Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department announced Tuesday that the city would start picking up recycling again in November. After almost three months away, pick-ups will resume the week of November 13 for people on the “B Week” schedule and the week of November 20 for those in the “A Week” group.

If you aren’t sure what group you are, you can look it up here. Type in your address and scroll down to where it says “Recycling Day.” Your group is the letter that follows the weekday of your pickup. (For example, “Tuesday-A”).

Otherwise, pick-up days will remain the same. So, for instance, if you’re in the “B Week” group and normally have recycling picked up on Wednesdays, recycling resumes for you on Wednesday, November 15.

Solid Waste Management also has this handy recycling calendar, which shows what items are recyclable.

As Houston continues to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the reappearance of recycling trucks will be another encouraging sign that life is returning to normal. Houston initially suspended recycling on August 31, after it became clear that Hurricane Harvey had devastated parts of the city.

Instead of recyclables, the city focused on removing storm debris like fallen trees, waterlogged drywall and ruined mattresses and appliances, according to the Joint Information Center at the Office of Emergency Management. "The Solid Waste Department’s resources were wholly dedicated to debris removal," Alan Bernstein, a spokesman for Mayor Sylvester Turner, explained via email.

Earlier this month, the Solid Waste Management department said in a news release that it had removed more than 1 million cubic yards of debris related to Harvey and had “substantially completed its first pass of storm debris collection services.” But the department said the second round of clean-up wouldn't finish until December and didn't speculate at the time when normal recycling would resume.

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